You either drive where you need to go or you get a ride somehow to get where you need to be. LA Towing Services is a world class tow truck company that provides superior service when it comes to long distance tow truck assistance.  We’ve been serving the fine people of LA with professional towing and roadside services in Los Angeles.  We offer an array of towing services and roadside assistance.

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LA Towing ServicesThere are many structures in the Los Angeles area that offer indoor parking and our company has trucks in its fleet that would accommodate low ceiling garages in order to get a vehicle out of those types of structures with no damage to the building or any accompanying cars. Our tow tech’s are skilled when maneuvering or towing vehicles out from such tight spaces.  Long Distance Tows from LA offers towing! Our towing services also provide assistance for long distance pick and delivery of cars or trucks. Call us to provide you details on how to plan your next vehicle tow.

NOW OFFERING: Vehicle Winch Out and Ditch Recovery

Towing LAApart from towing, this type of labor requires skilled technicians in order to accommodate whatever the predicament your vehicle is in. Steep ditches, water filled embankments, stuck in mud patches, our skilled service men in LA will be able to pull your vehicle out and safely tow it to where ever you need it taken to.  We have worked with many and we do this so that you get the most from your auto insurance membership. We handle all the jobs that are common with roadside such as flat tire repair or replacement, jump start or battery replacement, auto locksmith and gas or water delivery for your vehicle. We offer this service in Los Angeles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the day and night because you never know when you will need it.

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Our Los Angeles towing services company has trucks to accommodate any number of jobs large and small. Equipped with winch machine and tow dollies for those unexpected extra hauls, you can count on LA Towing Services to be able to perform the job that is required for you at any time. Flatbeds, wheel lifts are in our fleet to handle the job.  Heavy Duty Towing in LA comes to out to serve you!  This type of job is not requested that often in the city of LA, but it’s good to know that you have a company ready for it and we offer it this 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Capacities that qualify for heavy duty towing services would be 7,000 lbs or greater.

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Do wait anymore, if you’re reading the bottom of this page, you’re waiting too long to get the needed help, pick up the phone and ask for a quote or set up an appointment. The phone dispatchers at our LA office are standing by to answer all your questions and to provide the help you need. Let us take care of your towing today.